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Slow down music between 5%-200% normal speed, set loop start and end points, and filter frequencies with a 16 band equalizer to learn to play your favorite music on guitar or any instrument. Use it for free or donate to support it. Learn new music easily: * Slow music down * Pitch Shift music * Filter unwanted parts with 16 band EQ * Loop music Just open MP3s to learn your favorite music. Free download at

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Easily learn your favorite songs and music on guitar or any instrument. * Slow down music between 5% and 200% of normal speed * Changing speed does not change pitch * Pitch shift music to match your instrument * 16 band equalizer to filter unwanted parts and boost what you want to learn * Loop music to listen to the same part again and again * Stereo panning to listen to solos in either channel * ID3 tag, OGG tag, file info displayed * Precise time info accurate to 1000th of a second * Precise position info to the sample * Sample rate info displayed * Easy controls you can click, scroll, type, or use your mouse wheel * Large buttons for easy clicking while learning new songs * High-quality sound * Play MP3, OGG Vorbis, and WAV files Guitar and Drum Trainer 2 lets you easily slow down songs and music without changing the pitch so that you can learn new songs and music on your guitar or any other instrument. Convenient looping features let you listen to the same part over and over. You can even skip to the start or end of a loop instantly. You can pitch shift your MP3 music to match your instrument, so you never need to tune your guitar to match the song. Time and position information is given for elapsed time, remaining time, and total playing length. The superior time and position also displays time in HH:MM:SS, SSS.sss, and in samples. Even the sampling rate is displayed for you. You can easily seek and skip around inside of a song with convenient skip buttons and a seek bar. While other similar programs cost $40 or more, and hardware versions are over $250, Guitar and Drum Trainer 2 is free to use, but you can kindly donate if you find it useful. No matter what you choose to do, you can always email Renegade Minds for support or to offer suggestions.

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